Fees and Payment

Full payment of the consultation fee is required at the time of your attendance.  There will be an out of pocket cost for the consultation.  Prior to the initial consultation with the surgeons at KOG the staff will provide patients with information regarding the consultation fees.  For those patients on a Health Care Card or a pension the consultation fee will be reduced, however, there will still be an out of pocket cost.  A portion of the account is claimable through Medicare and the staff at KOG are able to electronically lodge the patient’s paid account to Medicare on their behalf for the rebate to be directly paid to the patient.

All of the orthopaedic surgeons at KOG treat Veterans.  It is a requirement that the Gold Card is brought to the consultation.  No fees will be payable by the patient as Veterans Affairs will be billed directly by KOG.

The orthopaedic surgeons at KOG treat WorkSafe and TAC patients.  These consultations must be paid in full at the time of attendance by the patient.  A portion of the fee can be claimed from WorkSafe, TAC or Medicare by the patient.  KOG does not bill WorkSafe or TAC directly for patient consultations.

If surgery is required, the staff at KOG will need to obtain acceptance of financial liability from WorkSafe or TAC for the proposed surgery.  Once acceptance is received a surgical date will be arranged and the patient will be informed.  This surgery will be performed at no cost to the patient.