Your first visit

Prior to your first appointment with one of the surgeons at Knox Orthopaedic Group (KOG) you will be provided with information either via email or post.  This will include information about the surgeon with whom you have an appointment, the fees charged for the consultation and an explanation of the fee schedule for surgical procedures.  You will also be sent information about how to locate KOG.

At your first consultation with the surgeon you will need to provide a GP or specialist referral and any x-rays or other radiological films and reports relevant to your appointment.

In the consultation the surgeon will take a full history concerning your presenting condition and perform a physical examination. Please dress in a way that is easy and comfortable for you to be examined.  The surgeon will then discuss treatment options available to you.

Blood tests or radiological imaging may be required and KOG staff will arrange these tests for you. Where a follow up appointment is required to discuss results this will be booked at this time. If surgery is required the KOG staff will guide you through the surgical booking process.

Our aim at KOG is to provide a level of care and service that will enable you to receive the highest standard of medical advice and surgical treatment. This will allow you to make informed decisions about how you would like your condition to be managed.