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Knox Orthopaedic Group offers a fellowship in minimally invasive anterior hip replacement and lower limb reconstruction. This fellowship is approved by the Australian Orthopaedic Association. Tony Dunin is the principle supervisor.

This is a clinical fellowship, however fellows are encouraged to do some clinical research during their time at KOG. As most of the time will be spent in the private sector the fellow’s role will be largely as a surgical assistant.

Towards the end of the fellowship part of the operative procedure may be allowed to be performed under strict supervision of the supervisors.

There will be an opportunity to assess patients under supervision at KOG. One day of the week will be spent with Tony Dunin or Francis Ma at St Vincent’s Public Hospital, a major teaching hospital close to the centre of Melbourne.

For further information, please view the original document on the AOA website.

AOA Accredited Fellowship Website Summary

Title of Fellowship

Clinical Fellowship in Anterior Hip Replacement & Lower Limb Reconstructive Surgery

Chief Supervisor

Mr Anthony Dunin


Professor Peter Choong; Mr Francis Ma; Mr Craig Donohue

Contact Details

Knox Orthopaedic Group
262 Mountain Highway
Wantima VIC 3152

(03) 9887 1488

(03) 9887 3340


6-12 Months


Knox Private Hospital & St Vincents Public Hospital, Fitzroy

Educations goals and characteristics

This fellowship will be largely clinical in nature. It will provide the applicant with further experience in total hip and knee arthroplasty, particularly in relationship to the AMIS (anterior minimally invasive hip surgery). As most of the fellowship will be based in the private sector, there will be limited opportunity to operate independently and in most cases the Fellow will be acting as an assistant. Depending on the level of experience of the Fellow there may be some opportunities to perform some surgery later on in the Fellowship. The Fellowship will also include experience in computer assisted and patient specific instrumented knee replacement, and hip arthroscopy. Mr Dunin also performs periacetabular osteotomies and most likely there will be an opportunity to assist at several of these procedures during the 6 month term of the Fellowship. It would be expected that the Fellow carry out one clinical research project in hip or knee arthroplasty during their term.

Requirements / criteria

Qualified orthopaedic surgeon or within two years of completion of training:

  • Registered, or eligible for registration, with the Medical Board of Australia.
  • English language proficiency: score of 7 in each module of academic version of IELTS test – results not to be more than 2 years old.
  • Permanent residency or eligible for Occupational Training Visa.
  • Computer literate.

How to apply

You can apply on the Australian Orthopaedic Association website here